Total Network Resources

Since 2006

Our Mission

Total Network Resources provides a diagnostic referral service for medical providers’ worker’s compensation cases. Our nationwide professional network combined with our dedication to personal care and service provides the foundation of our process that is designed to make your business more efficient and profitable.

How do we do it?

T.N.R. receives referrals from physicians office’s and directly from the insurance carriers. Our knowledgeable staff obtains the authorizations from the insurance carriers and schedules the patient for diagnostic testing at an authorized facility. The carrier and the physician’s office are constantly updated with the progress of the claim, including the patient’s appointment dates and times. Once the scheduled tests are completed, T.N.R. forwards all testing results to the provider and carrier.

How does our referral service help you?

When T.N.R. obtains the initial referral , it saves valuable time for the staff of both the insurance company and the physician’s office. T.N.R.completes the entire process regarding authorizations, scheduling and follow up.

It doesn’t stop there!

T.N.R. negotiates lower fees and contracts with the diagnostic centers for their services, and, in turn, passes those savings to the insurance companies by sending their patients through the referral network. T.N.R. bills the insurance companies at pre-negotiated rates for diagnostic testing and, in turn, reimburses the diagnostic centers for services rendered. T.N.R. contracts only with ACR Accredited Facilities and Radiologists, guaranteeing the finest imaging quality for the referring physician, and, in turn, better medical care for the patient. T.N.R. is a nationwide company with experienced, professional staff who have the ability to solve problems on a personnel and local level.


At Total Network Resources, we are your one-stop medical diagnostic referral service. If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.